Bio Identical Hormone Therapy

Hormone system is one of the main regulatory system of the body. It is the hormones that regulates growth, metabolism, appetite, temperature of the body, immune system, libido and sex drive and even non apparent systems such as hair and nail growth in the body. They are the center for regulation in a lot of bodily functions. Slight change in hormonal concentration in blood can lead to profound effects on the body. These effects are shown in men, women and even children. However, with growing age or sometimes due to some anomalies in the glands the concentration of hormones starts decreasing rapidly. This begins to produce serious adverse effects in the body such as:

  • Irregular body temperatures
  • Hot flashes
  • Decreased libido
  • Unconsciousness and dizziness
  • Irregular growth spurt
  • Skin problems such as acne
  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure and heart rate irregularities
  • External Genital anomalies
  • Altered physical appearances

Benefits of hormone replacement therapy:

“Bioidentical therapy is a procedure of replenishing the body with hormones whose values have been reduced in body causing serious adverse effects.”

This is a thoroughly controlled therapy where pellets or doses of diminishing hormone are introduced in the body to regain the normal hormone concentration. Following are some of its benefits in men and women.

  • Benefits of therapy in Men:

Hormone replacing pellets, injections, gels and other doses benefit men as equally as woman. The malfunctioning in male hormone system is largely treated by Replacement Therapy.

Treatment of low Testosterone induced symptoms: Men may develop a serious malfunctioning of their gonads and testes at any age. This in the long run produces effects that are not only visible physically but also detrimental to health. These effects include:

  • Feminine physical features: testosterone is responsible for imparting characteristic male features such as height, muscle mass, chest hair growth etc. The absence or reduced value of the hormone can impart feminine features such as raised chest (man boobs) and protruding belly fat and thin lady like legs etc.

Hormone replacement dosages are designed such that the optimum dose is maintained to improve male features. For example, increased muscle mass in torso as well as limbs.

  • Reduced sperm count: Sperm count and mobility also gets severely affected by lower Testosterone value in the body. Hormone replacement therapy can thus also increase chances of conception and fertility.
  • Decreased sex drive: ideally the male gonads and testes remain active up until 60s allowing for a healthy erection and high sperm release. However, in some middle age men or men in their 20s experience reduced libido. This can seriously damage their marital life. Replenishing the missing concentration have shown to improve this issue by many folds.
  • Distress and Anxiety: Reduced Testosterone levels effects the mental health of patient. Such patients have low self esteem and confidence and usually suffer from chronic depression or anxiety. This can be attributed to their physical as well as sexual imperfections. Thus, treatment of hormonal issues is necessary not only for their physical health but also their mental health.

The hormone replacement therapy in this case can be:

  1. Topical testosterone application in the form of gel or cream
  2. Hormone injection into the muscle mass
  3. Hormone pellets

Benefits of therapy in woman: Woman have an integrated hormone system that eventually switches from high to low. This occurs mostly in Pre-menopause or during menopause. Therefore, Outcomes of early menopause are extremely devastating for the health. They can cause:

  • Hot flashes
  • Mood swings
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Low calcium levels
  • Bone weakening, arthritis and osteoporosis
  • Tenderness of breast
  • Irregular blood pressure
  • Sudden weight gain or loss
  • Facial hair growth
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia and night sweats
  • Sleep apnea

The effects of reduced hormone in woman are more detrimental and profound. In some young woman gland malfunctioning can cause:

  • Infertility
  • Loss of skin collagen leading to early ageing
  • Hair fall and hair loss
  • Uterine cancers especially endometrial cancer
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome

All these problems can be easily treated with hormone replacement therapy. Thus, leading to a healthier and happier life.

·   How hormone replacement therapy is carried out

The science behind this mode of treatment is based on a series of testing. The doctors will conduct a series of tests to figure out the missing hormone and its dose required.

  • the malfunctioned gland is pin pointed
  • the required amount of missing hormone concentration is calculated
  • source hormone is then re adjusted in dosage to meet the requirements of the patient

·       Mode of administration of Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy:

Some hormones can be absorbed through the skin and enter circulation. They are an easy way to apply the dose and are of course less invasive. They can be employed for transdermal estradiol, estrogen and testosterone. These methods include:

  • Topical creams
  • Topical gels

Although this method is less invasive and hassle free, but it does have a major drawback of uncontrolled dosage release into the blood circulation. The hormone may have a longer stay in lipophilic skin layer. Therefore, release of the hormone cannot be predicted and therefore impart unwanted effects on the body.

Other methods include:

  • Injections: Desired dosage is injected into the body in a controlled release manner. One such example is injecting Insulin in Diabetics
  • Patches: patches are available for hormones like estrogen and progesterone (estrogen-progestin). The patches have a fixed dose that is eventually utilized and finished in a few days. Therefore, the old ones have to be replaced by the new ones. This may prove to be somewhat of a hassle for some people such as cancer patients. Uterine cancer patients have estrogen and progestin patches to treat the endometrial sarcomas.
  • Pellets: These are one of the most effective methods utilized in hormone replacement therapy. The pellets are natural or semi natural dosages. They can be implanted inside the muscle mass of the body safely by a specialist. The pellets than releases a fixed amount of dose over a certain period of time. The outcomes of this mode of therapy are substantially helpful in remission of symptoms. Pellets have the following pros:
  1. Usually, a pelleted dose can last for up to 3 to 5 months, thus, making it more convenient and hassle free.
  2. The body can maintain a normal homeostasis regarding the concentration of hormone in the body. For example: less hormone is released during rest and more during fight or flight.
  3. The hormone concentration can be maintained at an optimum level in the blood stream as opposed to the patches and gels where the dose is only available as long as the drug is applied onto the skin.

Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are some of the more frequently pelleted hormones in this therapy.

> Conclusion:

Although, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has its pros and cons.  But there are some school of thoughts who are against the employment of external hormones. However, there is quite a massive scope for relief of symptoms and health benefits with this mode of treatment.

We at Nova Essence Medispa strives to use the lowest dose of pellets to help with the symptoms described by the patient.  Each patient receives individualized dosing which is determined after a thorough physical exam and discussion of labs.  Please expect your first visit to last at least 1 hour which includes an EKG to make sure no cardiac problems are detected.

If you qualify for pellets they usually last the following:

Males 6-9 months

Females 3-5 months