I made a consultation appointment for cellulite removal on my thighs as I hate to look at them and I am so self conscious about my thighs that I can’t even wear shorts. I heard that Dr. Law has a lot of machines that can help with cellulite so I decided to make an appointment. Well, I was shocked when she said that she had to do blood work to see if I had a hormone imbalance to check to see if this was contributing to my horrible looking legs. The blood work came back and it was horrible. Also, I had checked yes for every symptom for menopause. I couldn’t believe it because I had been taking hormone patches and from the blood work and symptoms they were not working. Dr. Law told me that I should not waste my money on doing those machines because the effect will only be temporary and her goal was to find the underlying cause of the problem and try to fix it. So, I took her advice and did bio-identical hormone pellet therapy instead and did her whole body vibration exercise machine. I absolutely could not believe the results. I felt fantastic with having no more hot flashes, increase energy, less irritable and my legs were beginning to tone up. I could see less loose skin by my knees. I believe it was the testosterone, but Dr. Law said that it was a combination of estradiol, testosterone and working out. I also noticed that I had less wrinkles on my face as well. Dr. Law instructed me that there are many causes of cellulite and she just happen to hit it on the head with finding out the cause with this one because I am definitely seeing results. I just want to Thank Dr. Law for being honest with me and not selling me a package that probably will not work on me since my legs were so severe. I was so desperate and would have spent anything just to try and improve the appearance of my legs. Thank you again Dr. Law and I will continue to keep sending you more clients. You are absolutely wonderful!
I am so happy I found Dr. Law as she has helped me grow my hair back. I had been wearing wigs and weave for years and I did not think I would ever be able to wear my own hair. I had been to numerous doctors and nothing worked. I tried steroid injections, creams, hair growth shampoos, oxygen therapy, high dose biotin and I even used minoxidil and it grew hair all over my face, but not my head. I was so distraught! Someone told me about Dr. Law and the amazing results she was getting and I decided to give it one more try. I was so shocked at the first visit as she sat down and asked me a lot of questions, drew blood and then put something on my scalp and showed me my scalp on a big screen. I was stunned! No one had ever done this and I have been to a lot of specialists. She found out my medical problem for the hair loss and now my hair is growing back. I love it. She convinced me to go natural, which was hard for me to do, but I am so glad I did. She does not take my insurance (BCBS), but it was well worth the money. I just love Dr. Law!
I went in to see Dr. Law and I had been suffering from fatigue and I had a sinus infection and she convinced me to try the IV vitamins. I couldn’t believe it. The next day I woke up and my sinuses were totally cleared and I noticed increase energy!
I absolutely love the IV vitamins as I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia all my life and the next day I woke up and couldn’t believe the amount of energy I had after receiving the Meyer’s cocktail. I hadn’t felt this way since I was a teenager. I will definitely keep getting this IV treatment.
Thank you, Thank you Dr. Law for helping me with my acne. I have been to numerous dermatologists in the Birmingham area and even traveled to Atlanta to seek help. I was given creams, acne wash and antibiotics and the acne kept reappearing especially around my period time. The dark spots never went away and intensified every month. I had to wear a lot of make-up to cover the dark spots, but then the make-up start to look horrible as the big bumps on my face was protruding through. I was so embarrassed. For the first time I had a doctor to actually listen to me. She was very thorough and she checked my blood and found out I had a horrible hormone problem and it was never corrected. She put me on a birth control pill that was specific to my hormone condition and performed a laser peel on my face. To be honest, It was not pleasant as it sting and was itchy for a few days, but after my skin peeled I had glowing skin, very few dark spots on my face. She then gave me a cream to lighten the dark spots and it actually worked. It worked too good as I had to decrease using it because it was lightening my skin too much. I couldn’t believe it! I absolutely love Dr. Law as she has the greatest personality and I really look forward to my visit with her. She is simply the best and I have sent all of my friends and family to her. Thank you Dr. Law as I feel that I have my life back and I can even leave the house without wearing make-up.
Dr. Nova Law is awesome, her concepts work. She truly cares about her patients. You must schedule an appointment with her….I promise you, you will be very pleased…. and on your way to a new healthy life style.
SW from Facebook posting
Initially I was very upset that the secretary did not tell me that Dr. Law does not take my insurance. I took off work and drove all the way to Brookwood Hospital to see her. She said the visit would be $150. Who does not take BCBS? Before leaving I went to use the restroom and someone was in there, so I noticed the before and after pictures on the wall and I was very impressed. Dr. Law came around the corner and spoke and introduced herself. Then, she said, “I can get those moles off your face”. I said, that is what I am here for, but you do not take my insurance. She stated that insurance does not cover that anyway since it’s considered to be a cosmetic procedure. So, I decided to stay and pay the fee. While sitting in the waiting room, I overhead the other people talking about how they drove from New Orleans and one flew in from Houston and the other one drove down from Cullman. They told me that I would be very happy that I stayed. Dr. Law asked me if I had anywhere special to go for the next 2 weeks and I said no, why? She said that she can go ahead and do the procedure today. I was so stunned. I came back in 3 weeks for her to look at my face and tell her how happy I was with the results! Also, I told her that the next time I come back I want to see my before and after pictures on the wall. She is such an awesome doctor! I have made her my personal physician and I don’t mind paying the fee. A truly satisfied patient…
I noticed after receiving the Vitamin Shot with the L carnitine approximately 5 injections (5 weeks) that the fat under my arms (on the side of each breast) the fatty tissue was solid and now it is softer and the fat seems to be diminishing. I am very pleased with the results as this was truly an incidental finding as I was coming to get the shots for energy.