Vichy Shower

For Your Spa Pleasure And Comfort

As our guest, we want to ensure that you are totally comfortable
and all your needs are met in a friendly and professional way.

Vichy Shower

Gentle soothing rain from our suspended, fully adjustable shower heads relaxes the body and mind, while custom blended aromatherapy and steam cleanse the respiratory system.

Hydrotherapeutic jets can be intensified for deep tissue massage and improved circulation.

Vichy Shower1 Vichy Shower

Signature Scrub with Vichy Shower

(allow 60 minutes) – $150

Exfoliation treatment changes with the seasons. Your body will undergo a sensory experience through tingling all five senses. Included is our tranquil Vichy Shower treatment. Call ahead for our featured blend or surprise your senses!

Purifying Back Facial

(allow 45 minutes) – Price starts at $99

A deep cleansing and exfoliation for the hard to reach back area. This back facial will remove impurities and restore your skin with healing nutrients from the sea. This is one of our most underestimated treatments, a pure delight! Add Vichy Shower: Allow 60 minutes $245